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Sindh nursing board karachi sindh

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Sindh nursing board karachi sindh
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Sindh nursing board karachi sindh

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Accounting Software for Hospitality

RSS Headline: Ready for launch, April 2015. The new ‘Account Pos’ Account Management Software. The big solution for both large and small businesses.

Account Pos: Accounts Software

Running a business. large or small is one of the most exciting and challenging times of your life. With most, it’s adream come true, and you want to do everything in your power to make it a success. However, sometimes it may not be as easy as it seems.

No doubt, you will be faced with small problems from every direction. This can make these ‘small problems’ turn into a ‘large headache’. You will have to deal with suppliers, staff, stock issues and even customer relations. Dealing with some of these issues weekly and sometimes on a daily basis, won’t leave you with a lot of time to deal with the math.

RPS (www.restaurant-pos-poftware.com) has designed and developed ‘Account Pos’, an accounts software solution, to help both small and large business owners to keep everything in check and properly organized. This unique software can be customized to suit your requirements.

Here are just some of the services available for Account Pos:

  • Track sales

  • Track overheads

  • Monitor your purchase ledger

  • Monitor staff expenses

  • Monitor salaries and expense accounts

  • Plus more...

If you’re looking for organization,and a software system that is easy to navigate, Account Pos Accounting Software is a no brainer.

With the rapid rate of technology and small businesses taking their product and services to whole new levels, writing in books is a thing of the past. You need to ‘track in real time’ for your business and finances to be on top. You are in total control with this software.

You can easily access information pertaining to monthly and quarterly accounts. RPS will be launching this software on April, 2015. A free 30 day trial is offered on all RPS software products, enabling you to see for yourself just how flexible and user friendly our range of software products are.

For more information on Account Pos please click here

HOSPOS Integrated Systems

RSS Headline:

Introducing HOSPOS, the complete all inone software solution. The same great Hospitality and Restaurant Software, but now better.

Just what you would expect, Hospitalityand Restaurant Software, should add flexibility and grow with yourbusiness. Whether you have a small restaurant, a large, or even anational chain, the new fully integrated HOSPOS system is uniquelywritten with your business or restaurant in mind. 

Point of Sale Software is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the business owner. Its technology is always in a state of advancement. You need a POS software vendor, who delivers supports and goes beyond your businesses needs.

All POS systems should be userfriendly, so employees, or business owners, can run tasks easily andefficiently. With HOSPOS, RPS has developed a fully integrated systemwhich will grow with your business.

Point of Sale software needs to offer flexibility on a large scale. In today’s restaurant industry money is being processed at a rapid rate. This unique Hospitality and Restaurant software was written and developed to be expandable. With ‘Real Time Tracking’, it grows with your business, no matter how small or large.

Review of Key Features

--- Monitors all kitchen activities, as well as updates all kitchen items.

--- Manages all employee information, such as logins, attendance records, etc.

---Maintains stock reports, used to know full stock details.

Available Add-ons

  • PDA Restaurant Software (all PD Aunits use windows operating system(OS))

  • Restaurant-Till cash

  • Take Away (with driver delivery station and caller ID)

  • Online reservation (with full customer history look up)

  • Reception Management HOSPOS

Owning a new business is an exciting and busy time. You as a business owner know, certain investments must be made to ultimately gain some success. When operating a business,most everyone sets out a priority list of what they hope to accomplish. Besides the obvious, which is make lots of money, there are other important factors to consider.

Organization is one of the most important aspects of owning or running a restaurant or any business.Tracking and recording kitchen items, or monitoring all kitchen activities in a restaurant is necessary. Software has become an integral part of our daily lives, which has been developed to make business life a little easier.

RPS, offers a 30 day free trial and 24 hour support, 365 days a year on all purchased software to make sure you get only the best out of this software.

For more information visit:

RPS– Hospitality and Restaurant Software



Do your customers a favour and makeit easy. Online booking just makes sense. If you own a restaurant ora hotel, ‘Reservation Software’ is a ‘must have’.

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, orseveral restaurants and hotels, you need to make accessing yourservices easy. Online Reservation software is an added advantage toyour business. Positive results with more customers is what everyowner hopes for.

RESPOS offer many features for yourexisting business. This system fully integrates with HOSPOS, with thesame flexibility and easy navigation you have come to expect fromthis RPS software.

If you own a restaurant, you knowkeeping customers happy, is sometimes a challenge. People lovevariety the same as you. Restaurant owners will always take the timeto get to know their cliental. Menu changes, deals, and giftcertificates are the norm in most cases.

Every day, more and more people turn tothe Internet for easier access, than a telephone, especially hotels.You may have more than one line, but for some reason, most peoplestill get placed on hold. Same for restaurants, if you’re popularenough, all your lines will be occupied. Every owner hates to miss asale, and with good reason. Any money is always good money.

With Reservation Software, you are notonly getting the customers and sales you want, but you are alsobuilding an online presence. Technology pace, is only getting fasterand faster. There is no slowing it down at this point. In order tostay on top of the competition, we have to keep on upgrading.

RPS makes things easier for yourbusiness. They offer a sophisticated online booking and reservationsoftware solution, to coexist with HOSPOS your bricks and mortardesktop application. RESPOS is an easy to use and navigateReservation Software. It is an installable readymade software thatwill install onto any Linux hosting package running php and mysql.Have a look at the link below, for a preview.


Customers can easily, book tables,banquet halls and rooms all online. Helping them avoid the hassle ofa long phone call, and getting your business noticed online. Thebottom line is more customers equal more money.

RPS wants you to find out for yourself,just how easy to use and navigate this software really is. They,unlike most other software firms, offer you a 60 day free trial. Withthis unique offer, you have the chance to see firsthand, how you arein total control of the system.

Checkout RPS for more information and product details.

Review of RPS Software Products

RSS Headline:

Introducing, fully integrated POSsoftware. Expand your existing business and increase your fortune.RPS, offers total flexibility and control when running your business.

In today’s society, technology andbusiness fit together hand in hand. Gone are the days, when we had toturn to ‘books’ and pencil in information. Most business ownersenjoy a professional relationship with clients and customers. Imaginesitting in the background, in a stuffy office, counting, tracking andfixing errors, for hours on end.

Point of Sale Software makes yourbusiness a little ‘easier’ to cope with. There are plenty ofsoftware firms out there, who offer great POS systems, but you needto make sure, the software you buy is completely flexible and growswith your business.

The technology is only advancing, eventhe way we exchange money is counted by the seconds. Did you knowthat if your credit card does not scan within 3 seconds, you have abad system? It sounds almost crazy when we look to the past. This isjust reality, and for any business to truly be successful, they needto keep up with the ‘pace’.

Software firms like RPS, make sure theystay within the ‘competitive edge’ when it comes to developinghospitality and retail pos software solutions. They not only keep inmind the large corporations, or national chains, but the smallbusiness owner as well.

They have a variety of hospitalitymanagement, accounting and retail software products available, butwhat makes them stand out from the crowd, is all RPS software ismodular to integrate with other modules they develop. Here is a listof available Software and descriptions.

REPOS – Software for Retail (Possoftware)

This point of sale software will coverevery aspect of your business, whether large or small. Track all ofyour sales, items, and inventory in ‘real time’. This softwarealso provides a host of add-on modules to allow for expansion as andwhen required. Add-ons provide added features to gives you a completesolution to your business.

  • Bonus

  • Fully integrates with WEBPOS(Ecommerce online trading), for when you’re ready for an onlinepresence.


WEBPOS – Ecommerce

Create an instant online presence thatyou control from your web browser. If you’re thinking of upgradingyour successful shop to the internet, a WEBPOS system is exactly whatyou need. Imagine,

never having to miss a sale, and neverhaving to close. This ‘stand alone’ system, keeps you open 24hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a years. This webposecommerce softwares will increase your turnover, and bring in newcustomers on a global scale.

  • Bonus

  • Fully integrates with REPOSsoftware, with flexibility and easy navigation.


MEMPOS—Membership Software

Membership software, gives yourbusiness control and security when dealing with clients. Thissoftware was developed and designed specifically for Gyms, nightclubs, and gentlemen’s clubs. MEMPOS is the most powerfulmembership solution available. This system offers security and totalcontrol to you the business owner. It also comes with many add-onmodules and extra features.

  • Bonus

  • MEMPOS will fully integrate withHospitality Software (HOSPOS), combining the most powerful solutionfor clubs that sell food and drink.


HOSPOS—Hospitality Software

If you own a restaurant or hotel,HOSPOS is the most sophisticated and powerful software to date. Itsfeatures and available add-ons blow the competition out of the water.This fully integrated system allows for ‘Real Time Tracking’,when dealing with kitchen items and total inventory control. Thisflexible system was developed to grow with your business no matterhow big or small.

  • Bonus

  • HOSPOS will fully integrate withAccounteze full accounting software and REPOS, online Reservationbooking and online table reservation booking Software.

  • Some of its key features include:Kitchen Management, stock control , Employee reporting, tablereservation booking and more


RPS, also offers many other softwaresolutions for your business, such as:

  • Remote Desktop (Thismodule is also used for online live support for all RPS products)

  • Reservation Booking

  • Membership

  • Accounting

  • Retail

  • Hotel Management

  • Cruise Software

For more information with completeproduct reviews and pricing, please visit:http://www.restaurant-pos-software.com/



Looking to create an online presencewith your business? Improve your fortune and never miss out on asale. With E-commerce Web Solutions (WEBPOS), you can stay on top ofproducts and customers.

At this point, you may already own asuccessful business. You have built a solid foundation ofpartnerships, and a solid relationship with your customers. Perhapsnow is the time to offer your products online?

It’s no secret that more than halfthe world’s population is currently online. There are plenty ofsuccess stories, about online businesses. More and more every day,the average Joe is ordering products, music, books, and even foodonline. For the simple fact; it’s just too easy and convenient notto.

No matter what your business sells,there will always be a market for it. That’s what makes theInternet so magical. If you already have success simply selling outof a shop, then there is no reason, or better yet, no way you canfail.

There are plenty of ways to accomplishan online presence. You can hire someone to build and maintain awebsite for you, but that is very costly. However, if you alreadyhave a POS system, you would benefit more from WEBPOS. Webpos canoperate as an integrated module connecting to our Repos software,allowing you to take orders in real time and update your store stockand inventory levels, or Webpos can be used as a stand aloneEcommerce Website Solution.

You can have a look at the demoavailable on site. See for yourself, how user friendly it is to yourexisting and newly added customers. This software makes it easy toform lasting relationships with your cliental. It has loginavailable, newsletter sign up if you so wish, and can connect tomerchant accounts, like paypal 2checkout or a 3rd partymerchant.


Both, REPOS and WEBPOS can be fullyintegrated to work together or WEBPOS can be used as a ‘standalone’ ecommerce system. With it you can create an instantonline presence. You manage your website through a web browserusing a login administrator password.

Best Key Feature: Open 24 hours a day,7 days a week, and 365 days a year, global appeal.

You never miss a sale.

Making the decision to improve yourbusiness with a considerable investment is not always an easy one.Any smart business person will always insist on a ‘test drive’first. At RPS, they offer a 60 day free trial, for their software.Most POS software distributers only offer 30 days, but honestly, it’snot enough time.

You want to know what your purchasing,and understand how it works. Above all, you need to see it in action,and view its potential for yourself. By doing so, you will see thatthis software offers major flexibility. It allows you to track allstocks and sales and it tracks in real time.

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