Poor Customer Service: Married client breathes fire as extremely fertile PR0STITUTE falls pregnant


What happens if a prostitute got pregnant through her work? Would that not amount to negligence at work? Or should we call it poor customer service?

Well, this is the case of Esther Kalema, a commercial tlof tlof specialist of Lusaka in Zambia who has accused her married client of being responsible for her two months old pregnancy.

Zambia Daily Mail reports that Esther Kalema sued George Mulenga in the Matero Local Court demanding K500 monthly maintenance of her pregnancy.

But Mulenga, 32, felt it was impossible for a prostitute to fall pregnant on her job and point at her client as the one responsible.

He said he met Kalema, a prostitute, at a night club and he paid her for ‘rubberless tlof tlof’.

Mulenga told Magistrate Harriet Mulenga that he did not have any relationship with Kalema apart from him being her client.

He said he had, however, engaged Kalema twice for her services which he paid for in full.

“Your honour, this woman here has never been my girlfriend. Yes, I slept with her at a fee, it was business. That is what she does. I just engaged her for the services as well. So how can she be pregnant for me,” Mr Mulenga wondered.


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