LG 48-inch OLED C2 4K TV: One of the best TVs you can buy in Botswana


LG’s 48-inch OLED C2 4K TV is now available in South Africa and Botswana and boasts some of the best visuals on the market.

This was our experience after LG sent us this TV to review.

We began with the set-up – which was very simple. We were particularly impressed with the sturdiness of the screen and its stand.

The stand comprises a sleek metal plate that looks great, and a solid base to keep it steady, while the screen attaches to this base via several screws which can be hidden with a dedicated panel.

There is another panel on the back of the base which can be slotted over your cables to provide effective wire management as well.


Once turned on, you can connect the LG C2 TV to your Wi-Fi network and sign into your preferred apps and sites – such as Google and YouTube.

If you want to use any services that are not pre-installed on the unit, the TV comes with an app store that makes it easy to find your choice.

No matter which streaming app you use, though, you will be blown away by the LG C2’s visual quality.

The 48-inch screen uses a self-lit 4K OLED Evo panel that is designed for gaming, movies, and sports.

This was immediately noticeable as the contrasts and colours of the panel were among the best we’ve ever seen, while the LG C2’s incredible picture quality is thanks to a variety of powerful LG technologies.

After watching football, a couple episodes of a series, and the latest gaming live streams we were sold – OLED is definitely the way to go if you are buying a new TV.


The C2 offers HDMI 2.1 support for 4K at 120Hz and supports Nvidia G-Sync, VRR, ALLM, and eARC – which combine to make it stand out from competitors across use cases like gaming and watching movies.

These features are powered by a flagship a9 Gen 5 AI processor that offers enough performance to deliver up to 20% more luminance than TVs with other chips.

The Gen 5 processor also uses Body and Object Enhancing to detect and sharpen images, and this works with Dolby Vision IQ to provide lifelike image quality in every situation.

Dolby Vision IQ is then complemented by Dolby Atmos, delivering immersive sound for a complete viewing experience that competing brands cannot match.


The LG C2 OLED 4K TV is one of the best TVs you can buy in South Africa.

The display boasts excellent features and capabilities that make it perfect for gaming, movies, series, and sports – creating the ultimate TV for all situations.


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